End where we started:

We believe in being prepared, because we don’t believe in being victims.
We believe in surviving big things and little day to day things….
We have done difficult things, and we can do difficult things again.
We do not believe that there is tragedy in the loss of wealth, possessions, health, or even life. Although loss of these things can be painful, inconvenient, or life changing, there is only tragedy in losing who you are, what you stand for, and where you are going…

Tomorrow will come, things happen…
How we are prepared to face those things…will make all the difference…
IF you are prepared for the worst then no matter what happens it will be a great adventure!
Fear steels HOPE….
We need to face the future without fear.
Without FEAR…

PLANNING PROVISIONALLY for tomorrow…before tomorrow comes.
Going to college, saving money, taking my class..were all Providential Living CHOICES.
COURAGE, PATIENCE, and Resourcefulness…..are the mark of a survivor.
Respond, don’t React!

We need to understand and keep them in the right order are:

1. Spiritual First:
More to you than meets the EYE…more Depth of character, more possibility, more capacity for tomorrow than we are today….We are still becoming…we haven’t arrived…and we need to nurture our development….

2. Attitude . . .  Keeps you alive . . .
I will be okay…NO Matter WHAT!

3. KNOWLEDGE…. (I CAN’T give you knowledge…that comes from a combination of INFORMATION(which I can give you…) and then multiplying that by your own Experience…
KNOWLEDGE can’t be taken away from you….and will allow you to, by knowing….develop the attitude needed.


STUFF is last…because we can loose our stuff…and have to still survive! PARACHUTES is a survival item-
You agree?
Parachutes can….save you when your falling….
Does gravity care? If you forgot your parachute?
Even if you were planning on buying one?
Even if you accidentally left it on the plane?
Gravity doesn’t care if you have it, but you don’t pull the string…
Gravity doesn’t care if you you buy the cheapest…parachute out there in a back alley…for $19.95…and it fails…when you need it…
Gravity does its job…
You have to have a parachute before you use one.
You have to have it with you when you need it…
It has to work when you use it.
MUST BE of Lifesaving Quality

1. CLOTHING—Loosing clothing means needing -shelter and fire….which is not always available…but your clothing can be.
2. Quality WATER—-3 days Leading cause of death is dysentery on the earth….today
3. SANITATION….what comes in must come out. And Staying HEALTHY.
4. SPECIAL NEEDS….Medical, (not food as a parachute…starving takes weeks…to die from)….unless you have special needs. (Infants, animals)