There are three basic routes to take when considering shelving for food storage: general-use shelving, specialized food storage shelving and do-it-yourself shelving.In the end you need to find a solution that works for what you are storing and where you can store it.

Specialized Food Storage Shelving
The most popular brand is Shelf Reliance and most models come with convenient angled shelves that make rotating your cans very easy and probably fun.These are geared towards cans and will run you about $290 for a 6’ by 2’ unit with 5 shelves.

General-use Shelving
Less expensive than specialized shelving and available at Walmart, Costco and Home Depot, general-use shelving is a simple approach to storing cans, bags, jars, bottles and just about anything you can fit.You should be able to get a steel-framed 5’ x 2 ½’ unit with 4 shelves for less than $60.

Do-it-yourself Shelving
Possibly the ultimate shelving solution, and possibly an underestimated time and money hole, custom shelving can be whatever you want it to be – the only limit being what you can actually build.The wood for building a sturdy 6’ x 4’ unit with 4 shelves should run about $40.You can also customize it with can rotators for about $30 every 50 cans.


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